Panoramic View


How are you fellow human? :p

It’s been a while, since I wrote in English on my blog. I reckon, 2011 was the last time. And I rarely using English in my daily life *definitely*. And it is too, been a while since I enjoy my cycling activity every Sunday morning on car free day’s area in Sudirman, Jakarta.

Ever since my knee has ligament problem, it is upset me to know I must take a quite long time to recover to normal condition (I got the injury from the last time I played futsal with my friends in Kelapa Gading). Last sunday, finally I got nerve to try my old bike to made a short trip between Pramuka, Senen, Sudirman, Pasar Rumput, and Matraman. And I could not express how pleased it is to see a quite morning in Jakarta.

Since I choose not to apply several jobs after my graduation, instead Im taking another course to strengthen my basic and networking, I got a lot of time to think how idealisme of a human could brought evenmore happiness than who do not working on it. I meant after several years, my point of view on life has change gradually. When I presume how people works everyday would bring happiness to them, is not quite right. Lately I’ve met a lot of people who works for nothing but to entice people to do good deed.

Quoting from one of my lecturer,if I could paraphrase it “I got to work because my religion told me to do so, and all that I have (wealth) came by itself.” His point of view is very-very different from much people that I have met out there, maybe even my family. I’ve been following his presence on several areas recent times. And his words mark my elementary idea of my life became more strong than ever. And also once he told me that on his prayer to God the Merciful, to lend him many things but if the prayer times a came up, he could not do anything but to obey it. Maybe we should do that in every after pray wish.

As this short journal comes to an end, let me share to you this picture. A cloudy morning near Bundaran HI, which I took it using my phone. Let me see you in my next writing. And I hope that my spelling mistakes is perceptibly for you to give the correction-

Hope you enjoy your day, and Wassalamualaikum.


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